Providing Alternative Medicine for Chronic and Degenerative Diseases.

What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative Medicine is the practice of medicine without the use of drugs. It refers to variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices that are not taught or practiced in traditional Western medical schools and treatment offered differs from conventional medical practice. Nutritional Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Biological Dentistry, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine are types of alternative Medicine.

  •  At Goshen Bio-Medical Clinic we do not believe that any condition is hopeless.
  • We focus on finding the source of the disease to help in its elimination. Our broad spectrum approach to healing offers correspondingly wide variety of options for both patient and doctor.
  • We are research-oriented Clinic, where clients are empowered with knowledge and up-to-date information about their conditions to enhance their confidence in the treatment procedure and to facilitate their recovery.
  •  We specialize in treating chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancers of all types.
  • We are not discouraged by the stage or spread of the disease. But we always prefer to see our clients/patients before irreversible damage is done to vital organs.
  • As a research-oriented clinic, we are constantly looking for the most effective up-to-date non-toxic means (methods and products) of treating diseases, including male /female infertility